10 Effective Ways to Learn WordPress Development

10 Effective Ways to Learn WordPress Development

WordPress is embedded with some high-power tools to make sure that complex websites can also be implemented at ease with a user-friendly interface. The plugins used in the WordPress Development are quite feasible in developing high-end website functionalities. Moreover, WordPress also seems to lower your work efforts as all the complex coding work is done within the tools itself.

You do not need to learn coding by spending a lot of days as WordPress tools will do the needful for you. WordPress Development is not simple at all. But the hard work and patience will result in successful learning. Apart from the determination for learning, you need the help of some of the resources to commence with WordPress Development. 

In this article, you will know about some of the essential ways or resources that will help you in learning WordPress Development.

10 Best Resources or Platforms for learning WordPress Development

1.WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex offers documented assistance to users who are willing to know the working methodology of WordPress. There are extensive topics related to WordPress functionalities that are elaborated by the top developers across the globe. Under this resource or module, you will start with the basics to understand the ways to post pages and contents over the website along with theme creation basics. In addition to that, in the beginner course, you will learn to use the plugins as well. Moving ahead, you can take up the advanced course for getting a better idea about debugging or plugin creation. 

2. TreeHouse

It is an essential learning source that intends to give learners an idea about the coding and designing aspects. There are many interesting courses within the Tree House platform that will help the users come up with their desired choice, of course, and take up the module training. Here, you will get to train yourself with CSS, PHP, HTML, and other such databases to be able to implement better WordPress Development aspects. You will know about the theme development, building plugins, and all other heavy works. 

3. WPMU Dev Academy

It is one of the prominent agencies that offers intuitive courses to help people learn WordPress development from scratch. The courses available over WPMU Dev Academy are very much feasible for the beginners with zero knowledge. By availing the right courses, you can develop your skills from beginner to professional. After you complete your basic course, you can move ahead to the advanced WordPress development course that is the last section of the course. On mastering this section, you will learn to create plugins and command-line usage. 

4. Dream Host

WordPress is an interesting platform for budding entrepreneurs to launch their websites without the hassle of coding. There are many high-end embedded tools present within WordPress to help you learn from the basics. There are different guides or courses in Dream Host that you need to give time for going through. Everything is mentioned in pure detail to ensure that you are in no doubt or confusion with any of the topics associated with WordPress development. 

5. Lynda

Lynda is an online hub where you get different types of courses associated with web design, web development, software development, and others. One of those courses is WordPress training that will help you master the functions and tools of WordPress to help make your website more engaging in getting more traffic over the internet. You need to master some tools and functions and implement them onto your WordPress website to make sure that your website ranks higher on the search engine results. 

6. Site Point

Site Point is an online hub that consists of blog posts, books, and video courses on different topics such as web developers, web designers, and others. There is a separate section for the WordPress Development fanatics to learn the in-depth process of creating your own website over WordPress. For making your online business website presence better, you must have an idea about plugin development and theme creation as well. The blog posts, books, and video courses available over the site are created by the top WordPress developers to help you learn and implement. 

7. WPSquare

WPSquare is a free resource where you can learn the basic implementations and functionalities over WordPress. Though it is free, the things that you will get to learn will also be limited. But the available information and guides are very much efficient and conveys the knowledge with clarity. Some of the basic guidance about WordPress Development that you will get from WPSquare are font changing, customize backgrounds, formatting content, banner creation, menu adding, social icon addition. 

8. Udemy

The professional courses available at Udemy also have WordPress Development in their list that makes it one of the quality resources or platforms for beginners to learn about the core development of the WordPress website. The courses available are categorized with difficulty levels to help you train yourself in complex situations. 

9. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp does not have any direct link or course to WordPress Development. But it helps the beginners learn with basics of coding such as CSS or HTML. There is a 5-hour course under Free Code Camp for CSS and HTML that you must learn in order to get a basic idea about coding practices to implement it better on the WordPress Development aspects. 

10. Code Academy

Code Academy has a blend of effective courses that will give you in-depth knowledge about JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. There is no definite course under this hub for WordPress Development. But it can help you give knowledge about coding practices that will help you in learning WordPress Development more efficiently. 

These are the top 10 resources or ways using which you can learn and master WordPress Development to help make your website look presentable and rank higher in the search engine results. Try any of the resources mentioned above to avoid spending hefty amounts on learning core ideologies of WordPress Development. 

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