Why Should Update WordPress and It’s Plugin on Regular Basis?

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WordPress development and WordPress plugins serve many different purposes. In the era of advancing technology, the latest updates are available at regular intervals. The WordPress platform undergoes regular testing to minimize the existing problems, maximize the features, and enhance the overall user experience. According to WordPress experts, Updating the WordPress and its plugins will help […]

WordPress Development Services: Top WordPress Development Trends Used by Developers in 2019

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Wordpress trends 2019,wordpress development company

WordPress is one of those easiest and sturdiest blogging as well as website content management system in existence with the open-source feature. From a full-fledged business website to any simple blog, WordPress accommodates everything that your site needs and wants. In this blog, you will learn the latest WordPress web development trends in 2019 and […]

Why Logo Designs is Important for Your Product or Services?

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The first thing that comes to mind while thinking about a brand is its logo. The subtle, clear, and concise message that a logo sends is an ever-lasting impression that a brand creates. There are several reasons why a logo is important. From making you stand out of the crowd to establishing an emotional connection […]

Top 7 WordPress Plugins: Every WordPress Developer Should Know

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Top WordPress Plugins By Primis Digital

Now in Days, In WordPress website designing and development is a very easy task. because of WordPress plugins, everyone can easily add extending functionality to WordPress. But security, SEO optimization, content management, Speed this kind of tasks are vital and bit more difficult. Don’t worry, WordPress always has a set of plugins to do these things, here we are discussing […]

Simple Featured Video Plugin By Primis Digital

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If we are talking about a featured image of WordPress which allows the developers to represent the content of post or page in the form of images. But Developers can add only images as featured. There is any different way to add a video to WordPress post or page? Or how to get featured video […]

Top Reasons Why Mobile Apps is Important for Your Business?

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Want to Grow Your Business? Utilize Mobile Application In this era of smart-phones, it is very difficult to imagine a life without it. It is because smart-phones has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Loaded with interesting and helpful features that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, smart-phones improve the quality of our […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Should Every Business Have an e-commerce Website or Online Store

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The greatest giants in the technology industry have changed the way traditional commerce operates. The platforms have enabled hundreds of thousands of merchant to sell their items online. And it works!  Thousands of brick and mortar businesses have ditched their traditional business in order to sell their products completely online. But why should they be […]

Why Every Business should hire a web developer?

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The world is changing. More and more people are coming online to sell their stuff. How can one miss the train? The internet is filled with buzzwords like digital marketing, email marketing, web development, and a lot more. The increasing demand for web developers has created a scarcity of the right talent. Business owners need […]

Why WordPress Is The Best Platform to Build Websites

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Many companies do not have their own website to promote their business. Moreover, they do not understand why having a website is important. Others feel overwhelmed by choosing the correct platform. There are a lot of available content management systems and online platforms to build a company website. To tell the truth, sometimes it is […]

10 Common Bugs to Take Care of While Doing WordPress Development

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Despite WordPress is really easy to work with and it allows building the websites effectively, and there are some common errors. In the post, we will review 10 common bugs to take care of while doing web development with WordPress. 1.Missing Stylesheet You got a free or bought a premium theme to use on your […]