How a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Improve the WordPress Website Performance?

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Lack of quality web hosting services can devastate the functionality of your website. Performance of your website can have a major impact on the page UI, UX, SEO ranks, and conversions which makes it integral to choose a Content Delivery Network. The Content Delivery Network can be instrumental in reducing the resource usage of a website and boosting the speed. 

CDNs have the power to improve the loading speed of your WordPress website, but because of the complexities involved in CDNs, it may sound way too complicated for the webmasters to use these. Here’s a definitive guide on how CDNs can help enhance your WordPress Website performance. Dive through it! but before that, let’s have a look at, what is the meaning of CDN and which are the best CDNs?

What is a CDN(Content Delivery Network)?

In simple words, CDN is a Content Delivery Network, In more than one geographic location CDN offer to use multiple servers to deliver the content in the fastest way. With the help of Server CDN deliver the content to your visitors that is nearest to them.

Some of the good examples of Best CDN are Amazon Cloudflare, KeyCDN, Akamai, Cloudflare, etc.

What are the Benefits of Using CDN(Content Delivery Network)?

Now in day’s over 41% of top websites are refer to CDN. Content delivery networks are very important or helpful for those websites that are having users all across the world.

  • Reduce Bandwidth Cost

If you use a CDN, then you don’t need to pay for the expensive web-hosting services, and so you can sink your bandwidth costs. Besides this, another substantial perk of using CDN for your website is the release of files from the original web server that can stop overloading the host. 

  • Website Speed Booster

Website speed is undoubtedly a major factor that is detrimental in securing a good fortune for your website. Having an efficient CDN by your side can ensure that your site starts and loads as soon as anyone clicks the domain name. Customers hate slow buffering speed and so make your website load faster with CDNs. 

  • Enhanced Website Security

Denial of Service attacks is most probably the biggest threat that websites face. This is why a vast proportion of CDNs are accommodated with an extra layer of protection against these kinds of threats. In the DDoS, the perpetrator seeks to make a network or site unavailable that temporarily disrupts the service. The effects of this malicious attack can be devastating, and so you need to choose CDNs. 

  • Visitor Surges

Apart from the enhanced website security, CDNs can also help to hike the number of visitors on your site and convert the number of visitors into potential customers. The visitor surge cannot just affect you directly but can also influence your sales indirectly by referring and redirecting other customers to your site. 

  • Better Ranks

Using the latest HTTP/2 protocol and enabling a secure HTTPS connection to enhance the speed of your WP site, you can always improve the SEO for your website and its uptime as well. The more your web page is secure and fast, the easier it will be for you to get a higher rank for your page. 

  • Enhanced Availability and Uptime

Hosting is undoubtedly a significant part of your website’s revenues, and so you shouldn’t forget that the content of your website is duplicated and is in different geographical areas. Because of this most of the time, if one server sinks due to the overload, the n CDNs can help you by redirecting the traffic to another server.  Resources are limited on such platforms, and so you need to use CDNs if you are using free or shared hosting. Go for CDNs, and you will be amazed at the positive jumps in traffic.


Using Best CDN, you can increase your website speed, performance, and quality. Through Good CDN services, you can speed up your website files, website images, website ranking also. Primis Digital is the leading WordPress website development company all over the world. We recommend our customer’s best CDN for their business websites which extremely suitable for their needs and also helps to meets their expectations. If you want to experience the fastest website then don’t forget to discuss it here!


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