Simple Featured Video plugin

The Simple Featured Video Plugin is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that provides a simple interface to showcase your videos in Page, Post, and custom post type.

If you want to use your own videos on your WordPress website, then you can easily use this Plugin.

The upload Video section will be displayed below the featured image, the plugin will create a meta box there, just like featured image upload.
The plugin has a setting section that will display on the WordPress setting menu, here You can choose the Page, Post and Post Types, where you want to upload the featured video.

Also, this plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce product page. In the plugin settings page, there are lots of options available, from there you can choose the position of video.


Second Version: Simple Featured Video Plugin 1.1

We are glad to announce that in October 2019 as per the user recommendation and needs Primis Digital successful launch the second version of our Plugin and I.e Simple Featured Video Plugin 1.1. The main featured of this Simple Featured Video Plugin 1.1  is compatibility with woo-commerce. As per our first version, users can upload videos on woo-commerce products in the back end, but they have to display it on the front end product page with the help of shortcodes manually.

But Now, the User doesn’t have to worry about this…In the Simple Featured Video Plugin 1.1, our WordPress experts implemented lots of options such as where to place the video in the single product page, whether video needs to be placed before the product description, before the gallery, after gallery, in the main description, etc.. One’s user go through with these options They can also see the uploaded product video in the selected place. 

Our WordPress Experts also implemented two options to place the video on the content automatically.

(the_content()):- If it is checked, the video will be placed on after the content area.

(the_excerpt()): -If they choose excerpt the video will be placed after the excerpt contents.

If you don’t want to place the videos after the contents you can disable those options and go for shortcodes. 

Bottom Line

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, opinions with us Our WordPress Development Team is always ready to do best for our users…


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