Top 12 Crucial WordPress Web Development Client Questionnaire To Ask Before Development

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Currently, sites have become an integral part of the marketing strategies of the vast majority of companies, and for some of these companies, the site is their business. Below, We mentioned the Top 12 Crucial WordPress Website Development Question to Ask Clients Before starting the WordPress development. Having clear answers to this web development client questionnaire will save you a lot of time and money.

Top 12 WordPress Web Development Client Questionnaire 

A Good website development process and preparation help your organization to create a valuable brand identity and achieve something good for your business; high sales, improve digital brand identity, promote your business. So, As a top and leading WordPress web development company in India, We list out the top web development questions to ask your clients before starting the development process. Our WordPress web development client questionnaire includes; 

1. What is the main purpose of your site? Will it be just an informational site? Should the site just sell products and services? Should it be a full-fledged store with the ability to manage goods?

2. What is your target audience?

3. What’s the scope of the project?

4. What features does your site need? Clearly define the boundary between “necessary” and “I would like.” How should the site work, what client needs should it meet to achieve your goals?

5. Should there be integration with databases or applications currently used by your company? Should it be integrated, for example, with CRM systems such as Salesforce?

6. Who are your main competitors? Let the client give at least 3 options and give each of them a brief description.

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7. Ask your customers how they differ from their competitors?

8. Give an example of 3 sites that you like. Describe in detail what you like about them.

9. Give the example of 3 sites that you do not like. Describe in detail what you did not like about them.

10. Do you need a separate mobile version of the site? Do you want your site visitors to view it conveniently on mobile devices? If the main audience of your site uses Google as a search engine, the mobile version is necessary.

11. What do you plan to do with your site in the future? Do you plan to expand the functionality?

12. Who will support your site? Will that be your administrator, or you will hire the outsourcers? In any case, developers need to know the skill level of the people who will support your site and how often it will be updated.

Once you got the answers to the above question your WordPress development becomes more easy and efficient.

As these questions in the very beginning — it will help a lot and save a lot of your efforts and Time. Client questionnaire is an important part of WordPress development, But We would recommend you consider the above website development questions to ask clients.


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