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To guarantee the high quality of your software product, Primis Digital of the best software testing company, India which provides software testing services. We will test your website, mobile app, or any software solution.

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When do you need a software Testing Service?
  • Your website works very slow even on fast hosting.
  • The users often see various error messages.
  • The software product works differently on different devices.
  • Low conversion rate.
How We Test your Software Product.

The effectiveness of software, website or application when subject to user interaction has to be taken into account for determining its relevance to the objectives of a business. Our expertise in different areas of quality assurance and software testing is suited for a wide range of industries and businesses. You can make the most of our independent software testing services to find out whether your software or application is up to the mark.

  • Create an artificial situation that can potentially happen when you work with your website or app.
  • Monitor all the technical processes while using the app, as well as check all the possible errors.
  • Analyze the website and app reaction on different devices and types of internet connection.
  • Provide the detailed information and the recommendation for required improvements.
The Software Testing Services We Provide.

Our clients can always trust our software testing services with functional testing, performance testing, and UI testing services. The key is to emphasize on the quality of outcome so that your business’ target audience does not face any issues of downtime. The functional testing services provided by us are particularly tailored to the testing of applications according to certain defined specifications and addressing the expectations of end users regarding the functionality of the application.

  • Technical documentation analysis. It must be competent and provide consistent information.
  • Software testing strategy. We create a detailed plan with all the necessary steps.
  • Functional testing. Our team will check all the software product features at every stage of its development.
  • UI and localization testing. We guarantee that the interface and localization will not have any errors and mistakes.
  • Performance testing. Your product will work ideally on any device and will not require much system resources.

The experienced test engineers support our identity as a competent QA testing company. They are always ready to provide their inputs in every project that we undertake and provide the necessary output according to quality standards. Our QA talent pool can give much-needed support for quality assurance through dedicated teams to our client’s needs.

What’s interesting in our quality assurance services? You get to be a part of the various stages of the lifecycle and make sure that the testing objectives are suited to your business objectives. We can meet with diverse requirements of software testing outsourcing through the varied expertise of our team in the standard test types as well as other approaches. So, if you have been looking for a one-stop shop for your software testing and quality assurance requirements, then we have got it all. Performance, testing, functional testing, localization, and UI testing, as well as security audits and technical document analysis- You, name it and we do it for you! Contact us for the best software testing services.

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