The Top 10 Best Websites to Learn WordPress Development in 2020

Websites to Learn WordPress Development

Are you willing to learn to build wordpress websites It is quite easy, and the process of gaining knowledge today is way too diverse? You do not need to pay a hefty amount to learn under a developer. Instead, you can learn wordpress website development for itself by just relying upon the online wordpress web development course. WordPress Development gives you the ability to design, implement, and customize your own website to make it ready for the customers or visitors to use. The professional courses usually include guiding you with installing plugins, making designs, layout designing, and others. You can always edit or modify your website without depending upon any developers.

To help that, Here is the list of best wordpress learning websites where you can take up WordPress Development courses and learn efficient techniques.

Let’s Explore: Which is the Best Website to Learn WordPress Development? 


Like any other coding school, makes sure that every user who logs on to the website hoping to learn something should not leave the page without gaining any knowledge. It is considered one of the best wordpress learning website that has a WordPress Development course. The course available over the site is explained in steps and chapter courses for a better understanding of the users.

It is a paid course that is worth the investment as you will get detailed explanations about the core topics without missing out on any important sections. You need to pay $24.99 each month for availing of the courses. This is a minimal amount for attaining the knowledge that could help you pursue a career.

  1. Motive Inc

Motive Inc offers a WordPress Development beginner course for the people who want to start with detailed foundation level knowledge before inching towards advanced courses. You do not need to be a coding marvel for starting with this course. As know as the best site to learn wordpress, Motive Inc will help you start with the WordPress platform and set it up at first to commence with the website development works. In addition to that, you will also get to know about the theme, plugin, or other aspect installations. This is a free course that everyone must avail of to clear their fundamental concepts.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is yet another top coding school that offers premium courses for WordPress Development. Here the chapters are divided into two sections, basic and advanced. You need to choose amongst the 100 courses associated with WordPress development. If you are a beginner, then adapting these courses will eventually help you be a master in no time. It is a paid course, and the price starts from $19.

  1. Kirk Biglione

Kirk Biglione offers the WordPress Apprentice that explains you the basics of the WordPress Development. The courses are quite detailed, and the concepts are briefly explained. Therefore, this course is not available for free, and $47 is charged for lifetime access to the resource. By following this, you would eventually get an idea about using this platform to showcase the website attributes along with theme and plugin installations.

  1. BlogAid

BlogAid is a moderate subscription course offered by MaAnna Stephenson, where you can check out the extensive list of lessons to effectively work on WordPress. All the lessons you explore are of high-quality with detailed explanations about organizing and developing the WordPress website. The step-wise instructions are quite easy to follow, and the price for a two-week subscription is a mere $1. So, this is one of the efficient courses that you must look up to if you want to gain knowledge about starting with WordPress development.

  1. Tuts+

Tuts+ is an online hub for learning several development courses. WordPress development is one of the most demanding courses of all time, and Tuts+ offers it for free. There are several WordPress lessons available in the form of resources and tutorials. The concepts are clearly explained, and it does not matter whether you are a beginner or experienced, these lessons will help you learn adequate measures to efficiently execute WordPress development.

  1. WP101

WP101 is one of the most highly preferred coding school where the courses are destined only to WordPress and its development practice. By availing this course, you will learn about the different working attributes of this platform. You can also find free samples over the site to help you go through the study pattern. If you like it, then you can proceed with the course by paying $19 per month or $39 per year.

  1. WPLift

Along with all the above Websites to Learn WordPress Development, WPLift is one of the dedicated hubs where WordPress tips, tutorials, working guides, and other information are easily available. This website is absolutely free, and people who are interested in refining their WordPress development knowledge can tune in to WPLift to clear their concepts about the platform.

  1. WP Sessions

WP Sessions is a premium provider of WordPress development course that helps you master the development knowledge through different measures. Here the learning process is conveyed through webinars where professional developers and tutors will teach the lessons. After every session, you can always go to the library section to review it for better revision on the topic. It is a paid course, and you need to pay $299 to access all the premium features of WP Sessions.

  1. WP Square

Wp Square is the last in the list of  Top Websites to Learn WordPress Development but not less than any of the above websites. It is a pure resource site where you get several theme guides, WordPress news, Code Snippets, Plugin installation guide, and much other relevant information about using the WordPress platform. It is free for all users.

As a top WordPress Development Company, We list out the best sites to learn wordpress development where you can avail of the WordPress Development courses by paying a minimal amount or free. The paid courses have more detailed explanations about the concerned topics. So, make sure you consider your needs and requirements of knowledge related to WordPress Development before you could actually choose a website. The website you choose can give you adequate information and knowledge for mastering WordPress Development. With it, you will not be in need of any professional developer to help you commence with your website development project.

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