WordPress Security Checklist 2020: How to Secure WordPress Website From Hackers

how to Secure Wordpress Website From Hackers, Why WordPress security is important, Wordpress Security Checklist

WordPress, being one of the most widely used and recommended Content Management System (CMS), powers around more than 30% of the total websites. By the same definition, wordpress has surely attracted many hackers and security penetrators, giving them a whole market to target, So it is needed to pay more attention to WordPress Security Checklist.

Surely, having quality content, regularly adding new stuff, posts & pics will attract new users and get you going but there are certain steps website owners have admin has to take in order to secure what they’ve built. 

Why WordPress Security is Important?

In today’s world, there are multiples of technology used by hackers or your competitor to damage your business website or application. With different tricks and techniques, they can steal your important information such as passwords, customer database, install malicious software and it can directly impact your business ROI and reputation. So As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to protect your website.

Their crucial steps aren’t noticed by your daily viewers and have no impact on website working. Moving on, here is a wordpress security checklist to make sure your website is safe and secure. 

Top WordPress Development Security Tricks To Secure WordPress Website

  1. Select Proper Web Hosting:

One of the most important things to consider is the hosting provider you choose. There are a number of hosting services providing cheap hosting but lack proper security measures. Don’t choose to go the cheap route, it might look cheap now but will have your site in a vulnerable position. Many web-hosting providers have separate plans for wordpress specific hosting. 

  1. Importance of SSL Certificate:

To explain simply, when you enter your sensitive information into a website, it is transferred to the server. Now, where we don’t have an SSL certificate installed, this sensitive data will be transferred in plain text over the network, meaning the data is open and vulnerable for whoever wants to read. So, when we have an SSL Certificate, our data is encrypted before transferring.    

  1. Suitable and Secure Theme:

When we are using a CMS, we have a wide range of themes to select from, and for WordPress, there are around 31,000 themes to choose from. There are free themes and premium ones while getting a free theme cost you nothing, the premium themes are coded by highly skilled developers and made available after a number of tests, with regular updates delivered. 

  1. Plugins And Plugins:

WordPress and every other CMS has a collection of plugins for all your site’s needs. From plugins for cleaning out spam comments and backlinks to SEO related and Security related plugins are available. Adding a Security-related plugin helps you in regular site checkup, monitoring activities surrounding malware and Spam. There is no need to understand the coding to implement plugins. Using the best security plugins on WordPress websites is important in the area of security of your business. Here is the top recommend WordPress security plugins to secure your website.

What are the Best Security Plugins for WordPress Website? 

  • Jetpack Security
  • BulletProof Security
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • Sucuri
  • iThemes Security Pro
  1. Powerful credentials:

One of the most obvious assumptions is that the user name for logging into wordpress administration of your website is probably your email address, which is basically predictable and gives a point of access. We recommend you have a user name different than your email address. And to speak about passwords, have a alphanumeric strong password, without your name or email into it. 

  1. Login Page:

Having powerful credentials is a plus, but notice that every wordpress login page is a www.yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php? and hackers know it, so basically they have the page they want to enter into. This is the default URL assigned but can be changed and must be changed to a different URL, making it untraceable for outsiders.

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  1. Login Attempts:

Further to changing the login URL, wordpress allows you to set a number of attempts to make a successful login and a plugin is available to enable two-factor authentication. Implement both these amazing tools, this will have your website secure from the number of attacks and even if someone logs in, the two-factor authentication will have your back. In case if you notice any failed login attempt which is of not yours, block those IPs, extra secure.  

  1. Having multiple users:

In case your website has multiple users or guest writers, it means the admin panel is accessible for multiple users and can be risky. Basically, having many or even another user means two different credentials, locations, for hackers to attempt. Use a strong password generator plugin to make sure passwords are strong, for all users. 

  1. Secure Database:

It is always recommended to have different passwords for different accounts and the same goes for your wordpress login details and database credentials. The database is an important aspect as it holds every piece of data you have. Having at least one symbol makes your password quite strong. There are password generators available. 

  1. Backup and Update:

We strongly recommend you have these two operations done over a period of time: Website Data Backup and check for updates. Having a backup never fails to be a good method to be on a safer side, while checking and installing updates, be it from WordPress or the plugins you use, keeps you in a secure area with new and improved code and functionalities. 

Another voluntary step you can take is to monitor. Monitor your files, log details, URLs, login attempts, etc. this is to provide you with useful insights regarding your site. 

To Wrap It Up

Having a WordPress website with all necessary security checkpoints “checked” is as important has the quality content you deliver. If you don’t take care of such WordPress Security Checklist, you are making yourself visible for hackers to enter.

We hope our wordpress development security tricks or WordPress Security Checklist can help you to all to protect your website, In case if you have any quires or point to make, drop a comment below as a leading WordPress Development Company we would love to help you or You can Hire WordPress Developer to manage website security.


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