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Top WordPress Plugins By Primis Digital

Now in Days, In WordPress website designing and development is a very easy task. because of WordPress plugins, everyone can easily add extending functionality to WordPress. But security, SEO optimization, content management, Speed this kind of tasks are vital and bit more difficult. Don’t worry, WordPress always has a set of plugins to do these things, here we are discussing some important plugins, we can say these all are must used categories of plugins in a WordPress website. 

There are lots of plugins are available that every WordPress developers should use in their website. WordPress offers free and paid plugins to customize your website. Like themes plugins also playing some important role. A lot of plugins available in the plugin repository of WordPress, All you need to do one thing that chooses the best one for yourself that suits your project and also you can create your own plugin with help of third party services. The plugin is nothing but a set of codes that do a particular job, without knowing a single line of code, we can install/uninstall plugins on our WordPress website. 

Even if you are not a programming expert you can use WordPress to build websites. If you are stuck on any feature don’t worry, there will be a plugin to help you with that task. Thousands of free plugins available in the WordPress repository, choosing the right one for the right task is a little bit challenging task, especially for a non-programming background people. In the WordPress repository, you can find both the free and premium plugins of WordPress so you can prefer the free version with an upgrading option to the premium version. This blog includes the Top 7 plugins which will help you to increase the overall performance of the website. 

1.Akismet (Free)

 This is a by a default WordPress plugin, comes along with the WordPress installation, so we can understand the importance of Akismet. 

In this Digital world, spam comments are really irritating. Akismet Plugin will help us to stop this comment spam. Akismet is a spam filtering plugin. It Filters spam contents from comments, contact form, etc. This plugin has the ability to filter all the spam comments and also help to delete all the junk comments on its own. The best part about this plugin is that they have 5 million active installations as per their download count. so we can trust them and install on our website without any further thinking. 

Akismet is free to download, apart from the basic plan(personal site) we have to subscribe the paid plans based on the site purpose, like the commercial site, and multistage large network website. 

We have to create an account on the Akismet website, here we can choose the level of our website, based on that we can purchase the Akismet key. For the personal website, they are providing free Akismet key once we registered on their website. This key we need to insert in the Akismet settings in WordPress. Then the plugin will take care of the comments spam, we have to configure the above settings with the plugin.
2. Contact Form 7

To contact the concerned person of the organization or owner of the team. Every website has its own contact page or form. In other language websites developers have to create particular code for contact form execution But in WordPress developers should not worry about that.WordPress also offers a plugin for that developers just used the Contact form 7 plugin.
This contact form empowers the trust with the website. Users might have some queries, services inquiries so they trying to contact the company owner or editor with the contact form on the website. 

Contact form 7 is a widely used plugin to integrate a contact form in the easiest way. This plugin has more than 5 million installations. From simple forms to complex, multiple type field forms can be customized from this plugin. 

We can download the plugin from the WordPress repository. Once installed and activated, we can create different forms. 
A default form will be there in the forms section. We can use this form with the short-code they are providing. Also, need to configure the email id in which emails need to be sent. The plugin is compact-able with the Akismet plugin also. 

An important thing to remember while using the contact form is Captcha. We have to use some captcha with the contact form to avoid the spam messages. For this either we can integrate captcha using code or with a WordPress plugin.
3. All in one SEO/ Yoast SEO

SEO plays an important role in business marketing. There are 2 popular plugins, those playing important roles in SEO, All in One SEO and Yoast SEO plugin. Every website should install any of this plugin along with code standards that SEO recommends. 
Once install this plugin, You can manage overall title, tags, description of the website and individual posts. For each post, we can set the separate title, tags, description for SEO. If nothing added as a separate title, our post title, and description will be taken for SEO purposes. Instead of this, you can also optimize your content correctly, you can skip the extra XML sitemap plugins.

Both the plugins free and premium versions are available. The free version itself, they are providing basic features, free version enough to make a basic SEO friendly website. In the premium version, they are providing more customization options like adding more key phrases, social media sharing window customization, etc..

4. W3 total cache (optimization) / WP Super Cache

Recent experts studies show that if your website not loaded in 5 sec, 50% of users leave that website. So According to this study, Optimization is directly related to how much your website is user-friendly and how much its take time to load.

Making a website is a very easy thing in WordPress, but optimization is one of the challenging tasks of WordPress web development. If your website contains lots of images and videos and all, but you didn’t take care of optimization and user experience, then no one going to see the full content even the page itself. 
Here are the solutions to your website optimization with two amazing plugins. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. Any of the plugin you can install after customization completed. 
In case of W3 Total Cache, they are providing lots of option, like browser caching, object caching, Page Cache, Minify CSS, js files, CDN linking, etc. Also, they are providing a detailed explanation for every option, based on the settings, you can select the options and make the website maximum optimized.
5. Wordfence Security

Wordfence the word itself popular between WP developers, all are concerned with security. Wordfence providing Good Security and malware scanner. 
every web developer should need to protect their website against cyber attacks. If a developer can recognize someone else logged into the admin panel from many times. In this type of case, he can block that particular person viva IP address. He could set different parameters from the plugin settings, so he can block the users who try to make some attack. The plugin also provides a detailed report of how many IPs they have blocked, how many attempts happened etc..
It is worth to buy a premium version of this plugin if you have concerned about the security.
6. Google XML Sitemap

If your website is nor ranks on google then its might be causing the biggest issues of google sitemap. Google XML Sitemap plugin allows the developers to create a sitemap in the easiest way. So Google can easily crawl and read your website which helps you to rank in the search result.

Google XML sitemap plugin will generate an XML sitemap based on the links of our website. It will generate an XML based on our posts and pages. This contributing a lot in SEO, Helps to quickly identify our pages on google. 

The plugin provides different options, from there we can choose different conditions to generate the XML site map like links to include, links to exclude, title, tags, description taking for sitemap generation, etc.we can also submit, if any specific URL, or links separately.
7. Good captcha plugin for WordPress comments, login, registration, etc.

Every WordPress developer know the importance of Good captcha it helps to maintain the security and make a reliable website.
For forms its important to add some kind of captcha, otherwise bots may collapse your website through a simple form. It is always necessary to use some captcha plugin even in the login page of WordPress admin. 
Contact Form 7 Captcha, Google invisible Recaptcha plugin, Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft are some of the most used plugins for captcha purpose. 

You can install any of the plugins and secure your contact forms and login forms.

This Concludes list of Top 7 WordPress plugins for every website. Depending on your website, you can use all these plugins as per your needs, but it’s common for a simple WordPress website to end up using these plugins that we have mentioned above. Now that you have the Top 7 WordPress plugins, you may also want to use our plugin which is designed by our WordPress experts, Simple Featured Video Plugin By Primis Digital. Primis Digital is the Top Rated WordPress Web Development Company in India. We offer end -to -end WordPress development services for your business

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