Why WordPress Live Chat Plugins are Important?

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Nowadays, people are mostly dependant on the internet for almost everything, be it a product or service, individuals search it online. When it comes to consumer services, companies now assist their customers. The customers also find it a great way to communicate online to the service provider. As people in the current era are mostly technology-prone, they reach to the concerned website or Google for any query regarding the product or service.

Online customer support comes in many different forms such as FAQ’s, forums, and also in the product documentation. With extensive use of social media platforms and online chatting, people find chatting more comfortable than talking to service professionals. So, business websites now are incorporating the live chat option along with other media of communication. It comes in handy, providing excellent user-experience. As a top WordPress development company, we recommend you to Install WordPress Live Chat Plugin in your websites, It is not just only benefits the users but also beneficial for the business owners. Before jump into the actual advantages of using wordpress live chat plugins let’s have a look at top live chat website plugins of wordpress development.

What are the Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress in 2020?

wordpress live chat plugins are the easiest way to communicate with your visitors and gather detailed information about your services. WP live chat plugin are the most efficient tool of WordPress to build your product or services royalty in the market by solving customers query quickly. There are different kinds of chat plugins for the website such as;

1. Tidio Live Chat

2. Userlike


4.Zendesk Chat

5.WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

6.WP Live Chat Support

7.Pure Chat

You can select the best chat plugin for your wordpress website but as a top website development company in India, We would like to recommend Tidio Live Chat plugin for you.

What are the Benefits of Using WordPress Live Chat Plugins?


The WordPress plugins come with multi-language support that helps in establishing communication with international users of the website. It automatically translates conversations while you are chatting with the users of other languages.

Easy and Affordable

Most of the users feel comfortable with chatting. Additionally, it eliminates the cost involved in phone calls. It is beneficial for both parties without compromising the quality of customer service.


Several WordPress plugins support broadcasting or live screen sharing along with online chats. It helps in solving the problem in real-time. Also, it is easier for multitasking.

Disruption is minimum

Online chats are flexible, like phone calls, the user does not have to go to a decent place to communicate with the service provider. The communication can be initiated from anywhere at any time. Chatting is ideal and easier for both professional personal communications.

Efficient Service

The live chat service is ideal for handling multiple chats; it supports more than one conversation efficiently. The customer service can handle multiple queries at a time with the advanced plugin.

Faster Service

Live chat service is the fastest way of answering the queries as well as solving the problems. Since the customer wants to access every information regarding the shipment until delivery, live chats are a responsive way to inform the customers.

Visitor tracking

Through live chats, the business can estimate the number of active users of the website and monitor the activities. As per that, it will be easier for the business to target a specific audience and promote their product and services.


There are many WordPress live chat plugins available you can install for improving your customer service with ease.  The feature-rich live chat plugins of WordPress make the website a better place to communicate for the users. Now, most of the people are now comfortable with chatting; it is wise to incorporate the live chat plugin in your concerned WordPress website.

We hope this article will help you to Install the best WordPress live chat plugins that make your communication easier with your customers…Want any suggestion Discuss with the WordPress Experts 

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