Top Reasons: Why to Use WordPress as a Best CMS Platform to Design Website

Why to Use WordPress as a Best CMS Platform

Many companies do not have their own website to promote their business. Moreover, they do not understand why having a website is important. Others feel overwhelmed by choosing the correct platform. There are a lot of available content management systems and online platforms to build a company website. To tell the truth, sometimes it is not that easy to make the right decision. At the same time, more than half of all websites use WordPress. In this post, we will review the reasons why wordpress is the best CMS platform to build your own website.

Top WordPress Benefits: Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform?

As a top wordpress development company in India, We have worked with wordpress CMS platform for more than 5+ years and deliver quality wordpress development services all over the world and as per our experience with WordPress, we love to say there is no other better CMS platform that can offer you as many advantages as wordpress. 

Thus, if you are looking for the best CMS platform, then we recommend you wordpress first. 

But the question is, Why use wordpress? Why wordpress so popular? Why wordpress is a good platform for developing websites? 

Well, Check out here the top benefits of wordpress that prove Why wordpress is the best CMS platform as compare to others.

1. WordPress is officially free to Use

Unlike some other online platforms, WordPress itself is absolutely free to use, officially and forever. You are not limited to personal blogs — it is a great solution even for commercial projects. Yes, there are some paid plugins and themes but they are all additional services.

2.Create a website of any type and complexity

With WordPress, you were able to build a personal blog, corporate portal, online store, news site, and many more. A lot of well-known media and corporations use WordPress for their websites visited by millions of people every day.

3.A variety of customization options

To configure the interface, there are a lot of free and paid options. Moreover, the third-party plugins allow expanding the website functionality.

4.A huge number of templates

WordPress offers a large selection of themes that meet any needs, and thanks to them you can make your website or blog exactly in a way you see it. All themes are easily customizable and most of them allow you to change the individual elements: backgrounds, colors of individual blocks, logos, menus, sliders, and so on. That’s why it is absolutely not difficult to make a beautiful site on WordPress.

5.Ability to use multiple plugins

Official WordPress portal offers to download almost 35 thousand various plugins. They are available at page. If you feel good with the standard blog functionality, it is possible not to use plugins at all. However, they have been installed almost on any WordPress website or blog. Since this allows you to make your blog more convenient and expand its functions and capabilities.

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6.Control over SEO

The WordPress website owner always has an opportunity to keep an eye on the ball in terms of SEO of the resource. WordPress was originally created as a very flexible system with various settings, including those relating to SEO. However, to improve the search engine friendliness to the site, you can use special plugins, for example, SEO WordPress by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, SEO Ultima.

7.Regular updates

WordPress is a system that constantly offers a lot of updates for templates, plugins, and the core itself. This allows you to expand the site functionality, improve the design. In addition, there are also WordPress communities and a large number of forums where you can chat with other users or ask for advice. As there are a lot of WordPress developers, you will easily find the necessary solution.


From plugins to themes wordpress is really the best platform to build your own website. We hope our reasons for Why wordpress is the best CMS platform have given you lot’s of information to use wordpress to build your new website.  If you need one, contact Primis Digital- Website development company in India. We have high-quality WordPress developers to complete the project of any complexity.


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