Top 10 WordPress Plugins of 2020

Top 10 WordPress Plugins of 2020

The addition of plugin to the WordPress website gives the business a productive hike. Therefore, you need to choose the best plugin that would be compatible with your website and business. At the present date, there are over 55000 plugins that are successfully adopted by most of the WordPress websites. Due to the availability of the extensive options, choosing the plugins according to the beneficiary aspects of the website becomes quite feasible. 

In this article, you will know about the top 10 plugins that are meant for all WordPress websites to improve their functionality and attain a better response. 

What are the Best Plugins for WordPress Website 2020?

Below is the top 10 WordPress plugins refer by the Website Development Company in India and that are quite efficient in enhancing operations when implemented onto the WordPress websites:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in one SEO
  • W3 total cache
  • WooCommerce
  • Contact form 7
  • Word Fence
  • Jetpack
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Simple Featured Video
  • WPML

Let’s discuss one by one;

1. Yoast SEO

SEO is the sole aspect of attracting the audience to your website. WordPress is SEO oriented from the start, but you can take some additional measures to make it even more helpful and productive. There are loads of implementations that you can do when it comes to enhancing web traffic using SEO aspects. If you are willing to implement plugins onto your WordPress website, then Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins amongst all. Yoast SEO has tools and features to help your website target SEO more precisely.

Download Here: Yoast SEO

2.All in one SEO

This is also one of the most popular best SEO plugin for WordPress websites. All in one SEO plugin is just similar to that of Yoast SEO, and the features offered are quite similar. This plugin is meant for developers as well as the API team. It helps in implementing Sitemap support to help improve the Google search engine ranking with better SEO. The mobile pages can also be accelerated by using this plugin over the WordPress websites. Not only that, but the Meta Tags are also generated automatically over the platform of All in one SEO. 

Download Here: All in One SEO Pack

3.W3 total cache

W3 Total Cache is the best WordPress cache plugin of 2020.WordPress Caching plugins are quite feasible for implementation onto the websites as it helps in faster loading. The main work of this plugin is to store the temporary website data in a separate section to help run the loading phase of the website seamlessly. W3 Total Cache is one amongst the top WordPress Caching Plugins that will cache the pages and posts and store it. With this process, the website becomes smoother for navigation and loads even faster. Moreover, this plugin is free for all users.

Download Here: W3 Total Cache


If you are planning on putting up something to sell on your website, then WooCommerce is a highly recommended and preferred WordPress eCommerce plugins. In addition to that, there are loads of features available over this plugin to help your website grow in the form of an online store. 

Not mandatorily e-commerce websites, but almost all the business websites on WordPress will need to add some products or services to sell in the long run. For that, the WooCommerce plugin can be adequately used with the availability of efficient features such as shipping options and others.

Download Here: WooCommerce

5.Contact form 7

Contact Form 7 has a wide preferring audience base and has earned the trust of millions. Currently, there are over 30,000 people who are downloading and installing this plugin every day. As the name suggests, it is a contact form WordPress plugin that can help you create contact details and manage it. With this plugin, you can also come up with a simpler process of customizing the content of the forms. Moreover, Spam filtering features are also embedded within it. 

Download Here: Contact Form 7

6.Word Fence

Word Fence is a WordPress security plugin that comes with intuitive features to protect the credentials and other aspects of your WordPress website without charging you a penny. It keeps a real-time track on all the visits over the site and blocks the hacking or fraudulent attempts. Not only that, but this plugin will also store the IP address, origin, time spent on the website, and other such information of the suspected visits. Not only that, but the log-in attempts are also restricted here to prevent security breaches to the website. This is one of the best WordPress security plugins in 2020.

Download Here: Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan


If you are looking for a WordPress protection plugin, then Jetpack security is one of the best options to go for. Jetpack efficiently scans the website for the loopholes that can compromise the website. There are over 5 million active WordPress websites that have implemented the Jetpack plugin. You will get email notifications if your website goes down. Jetpack keeps the website safe from spam, malware, hack attacks, and other security threats. It helps in backing up the site with restore options. The updated requirement of all the plugins can be handled by Jetpack itself.

Download Here: JetPack

8.Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is another preferable SEO plugin for WordPress websites. With the implementation of this plugin, your website will rank higher and will be in the top index of several search engines. With this plugin, a special type of XML Sitemap will be implemented onto your website that will make it easy for your website to get indexed in the search engine results. 

Download Here: Google XML Sitemaps

9.Simple Featured Video

Simple Featured Video is one of the best video plugins available for implementation on WordPress websites. With this plugin, you can display the Vimeo, HTML5, or YouTube videos in an efficient display pattern with autoplay features. Not only that, but you will also get navigation and deep linking assistance with Simple Featured Video.

Download Here: Simple Featured Video By Primis Digital


For making WordPress website multilingual, this WPML plugin is quite efficient for the purpose. For the businesses to reach out to customer base from various locations across the world that prefers different languages, WPML becomes quite an effective plugin for the purpose. With it, you can easily create a multilingual WordPress website that is quite not possible without the use of plugins. 

Download Here: WPML


These are the top 10 plugins that are most importantly preferred by WordPress development companies to design best WordPress websites and help the businesses run their operations and functions more effectively without leaving any loopholes. So, if you own a WordPress website, then make sure you choose your plugins wisely to help the website make it more operational to attain customer satisfaction.

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