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If we are talking about a featured image of WordPress which allows the developers to represent the content of post or page in the form of images. But Developers can add only images as featured. There is any different way to add a video to WordPress post or page? Or how to get featured video in WordPress? just like the Featured image? 

Then our answer is Yes, There are lots of WordPress plugins are available that allows replacing the featured image with video, So you can set a video to a WordPress post or page. 

Here we would like to introduce you to our Featured video plugin that allows you to set video as a featured instead of featured image. “Simple Featured Video Plugin which is Developed under the guidance of WordPress experts.

How to get featured videos on the WordPress website?

Visit the WordPress repository and install Simple Featured Video Plugin Today! It is completely Free to Use. It will help you to replace the post or page featured image with the video.

Simple featured video plugin by Primis Digital

By Default WordPress allow us to set image related to posts, page and other custom post type with “Featured Image” option. So we can set the main image or the featured image related to that article, or page. 

If we are building a video blog website or website that has to preference is for videos, then we have to focus the more featured video, more than the images. Only some few peoples would want to have a site without them

Using this simple plugin called “Simple Featured Video”, we can add a provision to upload the video to posts, pages, and custom post types. This plugin is free and available in the WordPress plugin repository and Developed by Primis Digital. 

Top reasons to choose Primis Digital simple featured video plugin

There are many plugins is available which allow us to add a video to your WordPress post or page. But What makes Simple Featured Video Plugin different from others.

This simple featured video plugin giving the easiest method to upload your own videos, just like the methods we follow in WordPress, more precisely, like uploading a featured image.

Other plugins asking you several questions like your video is from youtube, Vimeo, etc…  and they provide an option, Here we can upload video in a single click.

How to add a featured video to WordPress posts via our simple featured video plugin?

From the WordPress repository, you can easily install the Simple Featured Video Plugin for free. In the search box, you just need to type Simple Featured Video Plugin after selecting the plugin you can easily download and activate the plugin.

You can download the simple Featured Video Plugin by visiting the below link:


How to upload the video to your WordPress posts or pages via Simple Featured Video Plugin?

 1. In WordPress post:

Once the plugin is activated, the featured Video uploading option will be enabled in WordPress posts by-default. So in posts, below featured image box we can see a box (meta box) called featured video. 

Simple Featured Video Plugin By Primis Digital,WordPress web Development Company in india,

From here we can select the video, just like images, and save the post.

Simple Featured Video Plugin By Primis Digital,WordPress web Development Company in india,

Using the shortcode or WordPress loop, we can display the video on the front end.

2. In the WordPress page or custom post type:

If we want to to use the featured video option to WordPress pages, or any other custom post type that we have made, then plugin providing option to enable the featured video option in pages and posts type. For this we have to go to plugin settings: WordPress Settings  >> Simple Featured Video.

Simple Featured Video Plugin By Primis Digital,WordPress web Development Company in india,
Short codes/ Shortcut keys to display videos on the front end

To display the video on post page use short code : [sfv_video_show] in code add short-code like below :

<?php echo do_shortcode([‘sfv_video_show’]);?>

Also with post id you can display the video by using below short-code :

<?php echo do_shortcode([‘sfv_show_by_postid’ postid=”12″]);?>

Also with post id you can display the video by using below shortcode :

<?php echo do_shortcode([‘sfv_show_by_postid’ postid=”12″]);?>

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions about this WordPress plugin with us…

You can also create your own WordPress plugin with our experts. Our highly experienced and skilled WordPress developers can develop & integrate a plugin for you, Discuss Today: WordPress Plugin development company in India

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