Top 10 Online Best Resources to Learn WordPress Development in 2020

Online Best Resources to Learn WordPress Development

WordPress itself is the most powerful tool that enables users to create amazing websites with a few simple clicks. Using WordPress, You will get themes having built-in editors and powerful plugins to create sites without dealing with codes. So, why should you learn WordPress? Well, the platform has a lot of things to learn, and every day it gets new features that you should know about solving issues related to your sites. Now, the question is from where you can learn more about WordPress development? What are the best resources to learn WordPress Development? usually, to learn WordPress and achieve excellence in the development it will take 6-12 months. To help you out in this, we have listed down ten best WordPress learning resources that you can prefer.

What are the Best Resources to Learn WordPress Development?

Below we’ve compiled the best resources to learn WordPress development So, let’s explore one by one;

  1. WordPress Codex

Want to learn how WordPress works? Then, this one is the best WordPress learning site. As a best WordPress resources, WordPress Codex houses a lot of important topics related to WordPress. It covers topics for beginners and professional WordPress developers. For example, you can learn about how to create pages, posts, basic editing of themes, the plugin uses, and more. Besides, you can also learn how to debug a network, how to develop a plugin, changing footer.php, function.php or header.php files, and more.

Visit Here: WordPress Codex

  1. org developer resources

This platform is developed for WordPress developers and comes with various useful resources. You can get resources like coding standards, WordPress core database’s documentation, resources about plugins, themes, and block editor, information about WP- CLI and REST API, etc. Besides, if you have any questions related to WP, you can ask the experts here.

Visit Here: org developer resources

  1. WordPress TV

This platform provides detailed video tutorials covering various topics for beginners as well as experienced WP users. The videos are easily understandable, and you can learn basic SEO practices to advance WordPress development. What’s more? Well, the platform has a section called WordCamps for the WordPress community. You can also participate in various seminars online.

Visit Here: WordPress TV

  1. WPBeginner

This is one of the best way to learn WordPress. As the name suggests, this WordPress development resource platform is developed for beginner-level users and bloggers. It houses free video courses, detailed guides, and tutorials. All the courses are free, and you can get them by signing up with the platform. By going through the videos, you can learn how to create your bog site properly, about important plugins, how to implement Google Analytics codes, choosing the right theme, trouble shootings common web errors, and more. After learning all these things, you won’t need any professional help to develop a simple website with multi-media friendly features.

Visit Here: WPBeginner

  1. TreeHouse

TreeHouse also offers the best WordPress tutorials. This WordPress development resource platform is for codes and designers. If you go through the catalog library, you will find everything starting from PHP, HTML, CSS to VR. If you want to build a WordPress Plugin, then here you can learn the process. Besides, you can also learn about WP customizer API and more. The platform houses unlimited topics. All the courses are segmented into different chapters. So, you can also choose a particular chapter to start with.

Visit Here:TreeHouse 

  1. Lynda

This platform also offers major courses related to WordPress. Besides, the platform is quite diverse and offers courses related to designing, WordPress development, business, photography, and more. You can find more than 6 thousand courses on this platform. Talking about some of its popular courses, it includes how to get started with WordPress, setting up WP for better SEO, how to develop a responsive e-commerce site, developing WP plugins and themes, and much more. It offers a 30-day free trails program. You can also learn about advanced things like creating and configuring AMP pages, WP-CLI, and more. Check this out now.

Visit Here: Lynda

  1. WPMU Dev academy

In general, WPMU Dev is well-known in the field of WordPress plugins and theme development. However, it is also a great platform to learn about WordPress and its every component. For WPMU members, it is free to use. The platform offers online classes for beginner to expert developers. Even you have zero ideas about WordPress, by going through the video lectures, you can easily develop a perfect site using WordPress. WPMU Dev Academy offers WordPress development courses designed for beginners by Daniel Pataki, for intermediate-level users by Rachel McCollin and for expert-level users by Daniel Pataki. Besides, you can also learn about PHP, JavaScript, and more.

Visit Here: WPMU Dev academy

  1. CSS-Tricks

Implementing codes in WordPress is a little trickier, and there is no chance of going for trial and error method. A wrong coding can break your site or affect its performance. But this particular platform is here to educate you about CSS coding, tips, tricks, and snippets. It also tells you how and where to put those codes in theme files without encountering any errors. The platform is very easy to use. Not just CSS, CSS-Tricks also helps in understanding HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, htaccess, and more. There is a lot of things to explore. Learn them and create a perfect well-designed site for you.

Visit Here: CSS-Tricks

  1. Free Code Camp

This is a popular free resource to learn about WordPress development codes. Not just the WordPress users, other web developers also use this platform to learn about CSS and HTML in a comprehensive way. The site is completely free. However, to move to the next stage, you need to pass a small task. Want to learn more? Don’t worry as this platform has got your back. Apart from CSS and HTML, you can also learn about MySQL, jQuery, Python, React.js, basis algorithm scripts, and more. With this platform, you will find learning coding is a little easier. So, go on and try this resource now.

Visit Here: Free Code Camp

  1. JS For WP

This platform is handled by Za Gordon, popular website development, and coding experts. Even though the courses available here are not free, but you can still find some useful free courses. This is a perfect platform to learn JavaScript. You can learn the basics of JavaScript, implementing JavaScript in WordPress, AJAX in WordPress, WordPress REST API, Gutenberg development, Gatsby, and more. So, if you want to apply JavaScript to your site, then visit this platform to learn.

Visit Here: JS For WP

Acquiring knowledge about WordPress is very rewarding. It has that level of flexibility that lets you create the site you want. So, Use these best resources to learn WordPress and start learning about basic from these resources, and get ready to build a unique site having all the required features.

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