Top 10 WordPress Development Companies 2020

WordPress Development Companies 2020

WordPress is presently one of the foremost examples of the numerous benefits of an open-source ecosystem. Many developers and entrepreneurs all over the world are contributing to the WordPress landscape, thereby improving its functionalities. This is one of the reasons for which WordPress currently drives over 34% of all websites over the internet. In addition, various companies also derive their total revenues by providing WordPress related products and services.

WordPress’s business ecosystem is capable of creating billions of dollars annually. Although you can avail WordPress for free, you need any other services such as domain name, plugins, web hosting, maintenance, premium WordPress themes, and many others for creating a complete website. Therefore, enterprises have to opt for WordPress development companies with a wide range of expertise for extracting the full potential of WordPress. 

The List of Top WordPress Development Companies

1.Big Drop Inc

Big Drop Inc. is specifically renowned for industry-leading skills. The focus of their WordPress development services encompasses web design, content development, video production, and content marketing. Therefore, one can avail of the wide spectrum of WordPress development services at Big Drop Inc. In addition, the work of Big Drop has been placed on par with some of the top-tier web design firms. 

2.Dom & Tom

The second notable WordPress development company is Dom & Tom. It is an end-to-end digital product development firm that derives a competitive advantage from emerging technologies. Ranging from startups to enterprise solutions, Dom & Tom is capable of delivering WordPress development solutions tailored to strategic initiatives of enterprises. The company has experience in launching more than 500 web projects and 120 native mobile applications, thereby establishing credibility.

3.Primis Digital

One of the top mentions among WordPress development companies is Primis Digital. It is a notable website development company with a diverse range of web and mobile solutions. With a large number of highly qualified and competent IT professionals, Primis Digital can deliver the best WordPress development technology solutions and consulting services. 

Primis Digital WordPress Development Services: 

  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • WordPress API Integration
  • WordPress Ecommerce Development
  • Life Time Maintenance And Support

Location: India

Team Size: 50 – 249

Founded: 2016



The next addition among the top WordPress development companies is Followbright. A Colorado-based company, Followbright is capable of delivering highly productive and cost-efficient mobile and web solutions for different clients. The advantages of Followbright are evident in addressing the five key business requirements with WordPress development. Followbright provides the assurance of engaging user experience, innovative yet simple user interface, compliance, performance, and security, thereby strengthening their credibility as a WordPress development company.

5.NMG Technologies

Another popular mention among renowned WordPress development companies is NMG Technologies. The clientele of NMG Technologies speaks a lot of their efficiency in working according to the client requirements. Some of the notable clients of the company include Havells, Nikon, Bacardi, Lenovo, NASSCOM, and Waterman Entertainment. 

The broad spectrum of expertise of the developers and designers of NMG Technologies includes user experience strategy and design, web application development, CMS development, and cloud services. Therefore, you can be assured of comprehensively superior WordPress development services with NMG Technologies. 

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Techugo is a noticeable emerging WordPress development company with custom development services for diverse enterprise requirements. The company’s team consists of over 120 experienced IT professionals working internationally. The interesting highlight about Techugo is that it has catered to the requirements of companies of diverse sizes in different sectors such as eCommerce, healthcare, retail, food, telecom, banking and finance, fashion, enterprise, eCommerce, and many other industries. As a result, one can clearly gauge the potential of Techugo for delivery of high-quality WordPress development services.


The most common name that comes up frequently among top WordPress development companies is WPfied. It is dedicated completely to the facility of WordPress development services to a global assortment of clients. The highly dedicated, skilled, and professional team can assist clients in achieving specific goals with simplicity and cost-effectiveness. WPfied provides a wide range of WordPress development-related services. Some of them include eCommerce store development, migrate to WordPress, WordPress SEO services, speed optimization, and WordPress support and maintenance.

8.Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway has established its reputation as a global leader in app development and marketing. The company has more than 18 years of industry experience in IT, thereby having a grasp over the exact requirements for an engaging application or website. The expertise of Dot Com Infoway in cross-platform development is one of its formidable strengths alongside the capability for designing high-performance enterprise apps. Some of the notable clients of Dot Com Infoway include Sony Music, Amazon India, Motorola, and more. Therefore, the company showcases the true potential to address the different WordPress development service requirements of the business in one place.

9.QArea Inc.

QArea Inc. is among the many WordPress development companies which have established their competitive advantage in the recent decade. The company has experience in more than 800 projects while fostering flexibility and a long-term focus on developing strong relationships with partners and customers. The efficiency of QArea in WordPress development is primarily due to its team, comprising 250 exceptionally competent developers and testers. In addition, QArea also places adequate emphasis on the delivery of constant improvements in quality and value.  


UPQODE is the final addition in this list of WordPress development companies. However, it is one of the recognized website design and development companies with a formidable focus on compliance with higher standards of quality. UPQODE provides services for designing, developing, and promoting websites on WordPress for medium and large businesses. 

The company has notable names such as CubaCasa, Caiden, Fox-themes, and Cannadonia in its clientele. The constant commitment of UPQODE to the development of products with quality that comply with the highest standards of design is one of its competitive strengths. Therefore, it can be a reliable option for WordPress development services.


On a concluding note, you can clearly notice that different WordPress development companies have varying levels of expertise. However, the selection of an ideal development company could be very difficult without proper guidance. On the other hand, you can rely on certain factors for finding out the perfect choice for your WordPress development requirements. 

For example, a budget can be a prominent factor in determining the WordPress and website development company you want to hire. Similarly, you could also look for reviews of a web development company by clients to find out more about their effectiveness. Start exploring your choices to find the right one!      

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