Top 10 Things to Remember Before Starting WordPress Development

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Before creating the WordPress website, there are some things to remember. Let’s review some of would be useful for WordPress Web development.

1. Why You Need a Website

Do you need to tell about yourself to a large audience? Or do you want to increase your brand awareness? Perhaps you need the site to support the new product?
You also need to determine your potential competitive advantages, evaluate the target audience, think over the necessary site functionality.

2.  Analyze the Number of Requests

If in your niche there are too few requests, perhaps you should not try, unless you sell a very expensive and marginal product and only 1 sale can provide you with a happy life, for example, for 1 year.

3.  Analyze the Competitors

It is very important to analyze the competitors, review their proposals, understand the strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate the business scheme. Having drawn conclusions, you will be able to create a better offer by hooking your customers with more favorable terms. For example, they can include promotions, discounts on ordering a certain price, free shipping, bonuses for the next purchase, etc.

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4.  Type of Future Site

Business card, corporate website, advertising promotional website, online store, online portal — each of these types of sites solves its own range of tasks.

5.  Domain Name

A domain name is the name of your website, which is indicated in the address bar. It should be simple, memorable, easy to type on any device. It must attract your clients.

6.  Hosting Provider

Good hosting is a vital component of the WordPress website. As it a quite demanding platform, make sure your tariff plan allows building a powerful website with rich functionality. It must provide all the necessary tools for achieving the greatest results.

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7.  Concept and Structure of the Site

The site should be memorable, easy to use and well-structured. This is very important since it influences not only the further development of the website design and its content but also the comfort of visitors. When entering the site, each visitor must understand how to find the product or service, read its specs and understand how to order. All blocks should be lined up logically.

8.  Design

Having a ready-made idea for creating a site and a well-thought-out site structure, you can begin to develop a site design. At first, “sketch out” the site design manually, on paper. The location of the elements, the ratio of their sizes, the color of the elements — it is the best to sketch them all on a paper.

9.  Programming Part

Many users prefer using ready-made themes while others decide to write the program code manually. If you prefer the second option, the programming part will include the HTML-layout, developing the necessary functional modules and connecting them to the site.

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10.  Content

The visitor visits the site, first of all, for the content. He is interested in a particular product or service, and the convenient functionality, structure and beautiful design only complement it. Therefore, the content should be not only unique to search engines but also interesting for the reader. We recommend hiring professionals.

To start creating a site, you must clearly understand its goals and objectives at each stage of its construction. A ready-made website hosted on a hosting under the selected domain name will not begin to effectively carry out these goals and objectives if nobody knows about it. Therefore, we cannot do without website promotion and website promotion.
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